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Research Links

Use the State Database link above  to find credible sources for your topics;


Opposing Viewpoints and Academic One file for all Topics

Agriculture Collection  for Farming

Environmental Studies for Natural Disasters

Science in Context  for Natural Disasters and Agriculture


Research Process

    Read about your assigned topic looking for subtopics and important terms. You may choose to check reference sources           context as you get familiar with your topic.

1.     Immerse- build background knowledge

2.     Identify focused questions you are interested in investigating.  Explore interesting ideas

3.     Gather a working source list.( See Mrs. Kimball's links

4.     Take notes on note cards or use Noodletools

5.     Look for patterns of information in your sources, your notes, your note cards.

6.     Develop clear and focused preliminary thesis. Evaluate

7.     Gather information and evaluate the sources of information. . Have you gathered a variety of quality materials? Have you              gathered both primary and secondary sources?  

8.     Identify strong supporting points and rank them, making certain that the research and logical reasoning support them.                          Make sure that the evidence you collected is strong and that is directly supports your thesis.

9.     Organize your ideas and evidence. 

10.  Have a classmate or friend peer review your work.

11.  Revise the draft.

12.  Edit the draft.

13.  Prepare, proofread, and submit the final copy.


Remember, you may ask for help anywhere along the way!


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